Parking at Glasgow Airport

parking-at-glasgow-airportIf you’re planning on traveling to and from Glasgow Airport, consider driving there and parking your car. Glasgow is one of Scotland’s largest airports, and it operates under the airport code GLA. There are many parking options available to travelers who want to keep their car either at the airport or close by.

Glasgow Airport has a few official parking lot options for people who are using the airport. These options vary depending on the duration of your stay at the airport. Also, it is a good idea to check around the time you will be traveling as there are sometimes helpful discounts available. Glasgow’s official airport parking lot occasionally runs specials for travelers who are going on holiday. However, these discounted parking rates are not always available, so you will need to check first. The official airport parking at Glasgow Airport has helpful customer service options in case you return from your trip to find that your car is having complications.

Looking for a different or another airport parking option? There are plenty of easily accessible lots close to Glasgow Airport. You will be able to pre-book a parking space, or just drive up on the day you are traveling and drop your car off, depending on the lot that you choose. Many parking lots are situated quite close to the airport, and they often provide shuttle service to the main airport terminal for people who park in their lots. Check with the parking lot you choose to see what their availability is and how they recommend you get to the Glasgow Airport facility from their terminal.

Each parking lot option will vary depending on what level of service you require and how long you plan to stay. Options like valet parking to self-parking can cost very different amounts, so check with the facility to ensure you are choosing the correct option for your budget.