Most Expensive Airport Parking in the World

As the spending power of the citizens increases, the number of cars in the world also grows. It’s only obvious that companies want to make a profit out of the need for parking one’s vehicle in a safe environment, but the number of spots available is also a factor, and this creates a problem, especially when you visit an airport and are looking to park your car cheaply. You will be surprised to know that the most expensive airport car parks are in Great Britain.

lutonLondon is obviously on the list with an airport car parking fee of £315 per week associated with it. There are five airports that service London at the moment – Luton, Heathrow, Gatwick, London City and Stansted.

A week of car parking at Heathrow will cost you £167 per week. You will notice the stark difference between the number one contender, London City, and Heathrow. It is almost twice as expensive.

Sydney, in Australia, comes third at £138 per week. So there are two airports from Britain in the top three in the list. So why is Britain so expensive? Your guess is as good as anybody!

Another UK airport, Stansted, returns to claim the 4th position in the top 5 list with a price tag of £133 per week. At number 5, you will find Dubai, an international hub charging £126 per week.

You will notice that in some cases, especially when it comes to London City, the car parking charges can be more than the trip itself for some people. No wonder they are looking for alternatives all the time, and several apps and websites have been launched to help prospects with airport car parking.

Luton and Gatwick make the 8th and 9th position at £112 and £110 to round off the list. Manchester bags the 10th spot with a mere £98 per week fare – which seems reasonable compared to the number 1 spot.